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Review Date: August 04, 2013  |  Facts Updated: August 04, 2013

  • Pros 

  • Good looking models
    Good niche sites
    Nifty navigation features
    Frequent updates
    Affordable membership
    Multiple download options
  • Cons 

  • Heavy use of javascript technologies
    Picture galleries are slow and confusing
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Puffy Network Review:

Puffy Network is the home of 3 exclusive sites: Wet and Puffy, We Like to Suck and Wet and Pissy. Here's a quick overview of each sites included in the network.

Wet and Puffy:
The self-proclaimed "only pussy classification site on the web" is basically a masturbation/toys/insertions site with a strong emphasis on pussy play and close-ups. Those who love to watch a girl's private parts up-close and personal will be served. Some of the videos have that extra special feeling about them, almost like you're watching a girl play with her pussy for the very first time, exploring every bits and folds in the process, which is pretty cool. Some of the girls use pussy and clit pumps which I was never a big fan of, but after watching a few vids, it grew on me. So much in fact, that I convinced the wife to buy a clit pump :) There's quite a lot of pissing, squirting and anal on the site as well. As for the pussy classification part, it's a bit thin, with only 3 (funny) types of vaginas to choose from; Puffy Peaches, Juicy Cherries and Big Tacos. I've always said that vaginas are like finger prints and that no 2 are exactly the same, so to limit pussy types to 3 is a bit odd. I sure hope they add more pussy types in the future.

We Like to Suck:
As the site name's suggest, We Like to Suck is about, but not limited to, hot girls sucking cocks. Some of the scenes are all about blowjobs, while others are standard hardcore scenes with a strong emphasis on the blowjob/cumshot part. A lot of the scenes are shot in POV (point of view) style.

Wet and Pissy:
The naughtiest site of the network. As the name suggests, Wet and Pissy is all about girls pissing and playing with or even drinking their own pee. Sure, they do masturbate or use toys in the process, but there's always that little extra naughty and messy part. The site has the niche well covered, with a good amount of girls pissing in their panties or in a glass and drinking it and even some special slow-motion videos.

The girls featured on the network are hot European models so there's no need to worry about quality. Most models are thin, but there's quite a lot of variety as well. Some girls are busty, others are almost flat-chested and I even saw a pregnant one... Many models appear on all sites of the network.

"Some of the videos have that extra special feeling about them, almost like you're watching a girl play with her pussy for the very first time..."

The photos on the Puffy Network are of good quality and offered in 2 sizes (low and high quality), both of which are available for download as zip files. Unfortunately, the heavy use of javascript ruins the photo section of this network. There are inconsistencies, like photos sometimes loading as slide shows and sometimes as single images. To de-activate the annoying slide show function, I had to jump from one page to another, which is awkward and time consuming, especially since a simple photo gallery takes way too much time to load with the current setup.

The videos of the network are of good quality. They can be streamed in standard (480p) or high definition (1080p) or downloaded in 3 formats. Watching videos on the network is a breeze. Download speeds were fast at the time of my visit and I love the youtube-like preview function of the videos, allowing the user to jump right where they want to in the videos. Most videos are shot in well lit studios, so those who like to see everything clearly will be delighted.

The Puffy Network's navigation system is loaded with everything you come to expect from a quality network (user favorites (photo sets, videos and models), multiple tags, search engine, slideshow, multiple download options, etc). The design itself is modern and well integrated. Unfortunately, as mentioned in the photos section of this review, the heavy use of javascript makes thing awkward at times and is almost unbearable in the pictures section. I love sites with nifty features, but sometimes, the good 'ole KISS principle (Keep it simple, stupid) is the way to go. In this case, a separate page for the photo galleries would speed things up and allow the site to "breathe" a bit more. Keep in mind that the site is still in the late stages of beta testing, so these issues could be fixed by the time the site is fully launched (crossing fingers).

Final Words:
The Puffy Network is great. Yes, I do have some concerns about the navigation system in the photos section, but if you join the network to watch movies, you will have nothing to complain about. The content found on the Puffy Network is naughty and great, the models are hot, updates comes in regularly and the membership price is affordable... it's hard to go wrong with such good features.

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  • Amount of content: 9.0
  • Quality: 9.0
  • Photos: 8.5
  • Videos: 9.5
  • Navigation: 7.5
  • Updates: 8.5
  • Value: 9.0
  • Extras: 8.5
  • Variety/Exclusivity: 9.5
  • Reviewer's choice: 8.5
Total Score: 87.5

Site facts:

Review Date: August 04, 2013
Facts Updated: August 04, 2013
Over 46,630 pictures
1024px to 2800px
Over 665 vidoes
wmv 1440x810
quicktime 640x360, 1920x1080 HD
flash 480p (Standard), 1080p (High Definition)
All videos are downloadable
Videos are DRM protected

Amount of Models:
537 models
New scenes (photos + video) added 3 to 5 times/week
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  • $29.95 $19.95 for 30 days (recurring at $19.99/month)
  • $99.00 for 6 months (One time, no rebills)

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