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Review Date: January 16, 2014  |  Facts Updated: January 16, 2014

  • Pros 

  • New model daily
    Fresh models
    Good quality
    360 Bullet Time feature
    Access to the Czech AV network (18 sites)
  • Cons 

  • Small galleries
    Navigation system lacks features
    No all girls do hardcore
    Same setup for all girls (can get repetitive)
    Videos are in Czech language with subtitles
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Czech Casting Review:

Czech casting is a bit of a weird site (in a good way). At first glance, it looks like a site full of casting pics of girls shot in an almost medical way (which I happen to like - a lot). But it's more than that, all girls have a video interview in which they, depending on the girl, strip, masturbate, suck or even fuck the interviewer... interesting.

The models found on Czech Casting come in all shapes and sizes and that's the beauty of it. The site is loaded with over 800 models, from cute 18 years old hotties all the way up to mature ladies. The site features a lot of natural-looking, girl-next-door type of girls, many of which I've never seen before (and probably won't ever see nude again). Of course, being a casting site, they update the site with girls who show up for castings, and that includes girls who should re-think their modeling career. I guess that's the price to pay to find gems.

The first thing that caught my attention on Czech Casting are the photos. They are standard casting pictures, where you can see the girl going from fully clothed to fully nude (from all sides) along with a few close-up pics. The sets are usually small (from 20 to 40 pics), but it didn't bother me that much (more pics would be overkill in my opinion). The models can be admired at will from different angles which makes things interesting. Pictures are also unretouched, so what you see is the real thing. Pictures are available in 3 sizes but unfortunately, not available as zip files.

"The site features a lot of natural-looking, girl-next-door type of girls, many of which I've never seen before (and probably won't ever see nude again)."

360 Bullet Time:
One of the best features of Czech Casting is called "360 Bullet Time". It's a simple but ingenious setup where some of the latest girls are shot in different positions (posing, toying or even jumping) in a closed room surrounded by multiple cameras at a fixed height. The result: the model is basically frozen in time like a statue and you can look at her from all angles. That feature alone is worth a look.

Videos on Czech Castings usually consist of an interview, followed up by the girl stripping and rubbing oil all over her naked body in a few positions. The interviewer then tries to get more out of the model. Some girls will let him rub their ass, tits or pussy, others will go as far as giving him a blowjob or even let him fuck them. On the other hand, some of the models want nothing to do with it and won't even spread their legs... The videos are usually between 15 and 35 minutes long, depending on the model's willingness to collaborate. Czech language is used in all interviews and all scenes have subtitles. Scenes are mostly shot in POV (point of view) style.

The navigation system on Czech Casting is very basic. The site main page features a list of the latest videos. There is no search engine, rating system, comments, categories, tags, bios or favorites folder. Scenes do come with a short description but that's pretty much it. There is definitely room for improvement and a few simple features would turn this site/network around.

Final Words:
Sites that have limited navigation features are usually ranked pretty poorly on Brdteengal but I would have a hard time saying too many bad things about Czech Casting because I actually enjoyed it. I watched a ton of videos on the site. I had to know how each girl looked like naked and how far she'd be willing to go in the interview. So, basically, the site's setup could be improved, but I really enjoyed the content... even the clumsy translations and the interviewers sometimes annoying attempts to get his dick sucked.
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  • Amount of content: 9.5
  • Quality: 9.0
  • Photos: 8.0
  • Videos: 8.0
  • Navigation: 6.0
  • Updates: 9.5
  • Value: 8.5
  • Extras: 9.5
  • Variety/Exclusivity: 8.0
  • Reviewer's choice: 9.0
Total Score: 85.0

Site facts:

Review Date: January 16, 2014
Facts Updated: January 16, 2014
836 photo sets, 46 "360 Bullet Time" photo sets.
from 800 px to 5616 px
836 videos
wmv 1280x720 @ 2000kbps
quicktime 1280x720 @ 1000kbps
flash 980x551
All videos are downloadable
Videos are DRM protected

Amount of Models:
836 models
Daily updates. One new girl added daily.
Download Limit:
No Info Available

Zip Files:

  • $29.95 for 30 days (recurring at $29.95/month until cancelled)
  • $64.95 for 90 days (recurring at $64.95 every 90 days until cancelled)
  • $99.95 for 180 days (One time, no rebills)

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